Session Recaps

Session 1: The CLL (Epi)genome

Chair(s): Christopher Oakes, and Tatjana Stankovic

Session 2: The CLL (Epi)genome (cont.)

Chair(s): Sarka Pospisilova, and Deepa Sampath

Session 3: The B-Cell Receptor

Chair(s): Andrew Steele

Session 4: Microenvironment and Models of CLL

Chair(s): Christopther Pepper

Session 5: Innovations in the Assessment of CLL

Chair(s): Alessandra Ferrajoli and Nicole Lamanna

Session 6: Initial Therapy

Chair(s): Steven Coutre, and Adrian Bloor

Session 8: Therapy of Relapsed/Refractory CLL

Chair(s): Jacqueline Barrientos, and Barbara Eichhorst

Session 9: Novel Strategies in Relapsed/Refractory CLL

Chair(s): George Follows, and Adrian Wiestner

Session 10: Real-World Data and Registries

Chair(s): Neil Kay, and Eva Kimby

iwCLL Closing Comments

Chair: Peter Hillmen